Random Tidbits

Only women will totally get this,


I would pay extra for a tampon that has a weighted string.


Additional medical interventions have been scheduled…

I have an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic later this month for additional testing on the whole bladder issue and then at the end of this month I will be having surgery to repair an umbilical hernia.  Damn, this month will be fun.

Seriously, I treat my body relatively well so I am slightly disappointed that this is happening.  Then again, since I do treat my body well, I’m expecting a quick recovery and an easy fix.  Call me optimistic.  Call me naive.

I also realize things could be so much worse.  So I’ll shut up and quit complaining.


Did I mention I am now working with, ow, a personal, ouch, trainer?

Of course I didn’t ’cause I don’t post with any consistency.  However there is one thing I am consistent with and that is my exercise.  I work out about 6 days a week and I freaking love it.  It took me years to get to this point, but now that I am, I truly find joy in working hard and sweating my ass off at the gym.

Recently I decided to step it up a notch and I signed on with Eddie at the gym.  Eddie is built.  He pushes in just the right way.   And I trust him.  All of these aforementioned characteristics come in handy when you’re attempting to lift a really heavy weight above your own head with some really shaky arms.

I’m looking ahead in the hopes of seeing increased muscle tone in upper and lower body.  I feel stronger now and I have also been able to increase my run to 4 miles.  A distance I’ve worked towards for quite some time.

It’s ironic, paying someone to make you do painful things with your body that you would never even attempt to do on a normal day.  Shit, some of the moves I could never even have thought up on my own.  And so far Eddie has been there every step of the way, pushing, encouraging, praising.  Oh wait, there was that one time when he failed to catch the medicine ball from above and it landed right on my belly, directly below.  Oh, and then today I miss-stepped on an uneven surface, set up of course by Eddie, and twisted my ankle.   But I still trust him and stand behind everything I’ve said about.  I think.

Wait, remind my why I do this.

It’s P.Study not P.Diddy

I’ve never been known as someone who keeps her mouth shut.  Well, once maybe, but there was something in there and I didn’t want to be rude.  Regardless, here I go again, I’m about to share.

However before I open up and violate personal boundaries, I want it to be known why I share what I share.  Sometimes it’s simply that I cannot keep my mouth shut, occasionally it’s because I have such a strong opinion I must speak my mind, often it’s because I’ve had too much to drink and it’s easier to talk than it is to shut up.  But today, my reasons are much more altruistic and pure.  If I can help just one other person handle a tough situation, then I feel it owe it to share my personal experiences.

So here goes, according to my own records, I have had a UTI once a month for at least the last 6 months…and there were some prior to that but my calendar situation gets confusing since I use the school year calendar rather than the typical 12 month Jaunary-December calendar.  So yeah, a bunch of fucking UTIs have plagued me for quite some time now…and for a little extra sharing, as there hasn’t been enough already, subsequent yeast infections have also occurred because of what the antibiotics do to the natural balance in the body….double whammy right?  No shit.

I naively trusted that my family doctor would refer me on when she felt the time was right and I regret not being more proactive and pushing her into the referral.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Cut to present day.  I have switched family doctors, gotten a referral and today I saw a urologist for the first time.

It would appear that I am “retaining urine”.  Yee freakin’ ha.  And goddamn-it.  For the next several days I will be keeping a journal…of yes, you guessed it…how much I pee.  And how much I drink…including the beer even!!  I’m planning on being honest here and if my doctor has a problem with the case or two I consume on the weekends, then he and I will have some words.  But seriously, it’s not really a case or two.  You do know that I was kidding right?

I may or may not keep you posted on the progress with this issue.  If you recall I won’t commit to any scheduled posts…I post when I want…blah blah blah…you get the picture.  But, if anyone reading this has questions or comments, I’m all ears.

Wish me luck with my “p.study”.

By the way…

…don’t come to this blog thinking there will be something new everyday.  That ain’t how I roll.  I post when I want, where I want,  and about what I want.  I answer to no one.  Days, weeks, months may go by with nary a word.  If you’re looking for consistency, you are in the wrong damn place.

But I can recommend a couple of blogs I frequent where the postings are as regular as my changing underwear…which is daily, if not twice daily, as I do love a good sweaty workout.

So, basically, you’ll get what you get when you get it.

And one more thing, have you ever purchased a box o’ wine?  No?  Then get on it, ’cause you can drink as much as you want without having to witness the horror of a slowly emptying bottle.


Mike’s absence is slowly starting to wear me down…but in a sappy “I miss the love of my life” kind of way.  Talking on the phone is so hard…shit, dialing Germany requires 839 digits before you even get to the front desk of the hotel.  But as is often the case, I am reminded of those living without their partners for a much more extended period of time than 8 days.  And then I remember that Mike is in no physical danger.  There are no bullets flying by, there are no bombs suddenly exploding inches away from his body.  And now his Sunday arrival just doesn’t seem that far away.

I’m doing well with the single parenting portion of this week.  Although, it just occurred to me, the boys could use a shower this morning…um, should have a shower this morning.  But damn it, McKade went and got all responsible and dressed himself already without any complaining and it would break my heart to undue the progress he made.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Just nobody get too close to my boys today.

Since incorporating the Barbara Coloroso way of parenting, life has been easier, and more enjoyable.  And I plan to maintain this and even add-on to it.  McKade and I sat on his bed last night and laughed our asses off.  That kid is funny.  Laughing with him reminded me of my time with my sister, and that is something special.  That uncontrollable snorting laughter is the best.  And McKade accomplished that for me.


I miss you honey.

things i love this week…

Thanks to my friend Emily over at My 2%, I feel inspired to get back on the blogging wagon.  Who knows if this will last or not, but momentarily at least I will enjoy the typewritten expression of things in my life.  So on with the business on today’s post.

Things I love This Week:

  • Despite Mike’s absence I am surviving, nay, thriving in my parenting adventures,
  • McKade completed all of his independent work at school on Tuesday,
  • I haven’t gotten frostbite from the terribly low temperatures around these parts,
  • Discovering that I love Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA,
  • Recognizing that I needed to get back ob track with my snacking and making it through last night without succumbing to that familiar feeling of wanting to eat….again,
  • The multi-bean soup I made on Sunday,
  • Knowing that there are parents stepping up to the plate to count BoxTops and Labels for the school…(I am SO SICK of counting),
  • Finding soy margarine at the store as an alternative to butter for the minimal baling that I do,
  • Girlfriends.

Stay tuned for things I hate this week…

And thanks Emily!!