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So I woke up my cat woke me up at 4:30am…he was puking! Normally we keep him, and his ‘brother’ in the basement while we sleep…they have a tendency of doing all things daytime during the night! But as we were going to bed last, we were both too tired and lazy to pick them up and carry them down the one flight of stairs it would take to get them there! Knowing better I agreed not to put them in the basement for the night.

See I’m the one who wakes up when one of the boys cries, or something goes bump in the night. Most moms I know are cursed/blessed with this problem/ability. We actually started putting the cats away after our first son, McKade was born—5 years ago. Our oldest cat, Castor, felt it was his job to stand in the hallway outside of McKade’s room and meow incessantly and scratch at his door, effectively waking McKade and us…and this all began happening when sleep was hard to come by and worth it’s purchase on the black market…(oh, if that were even possible, I’d become a sleep dealer, because tired new parents would pay a freaking premium for some good sleep), but I digress!

Anyway cats woke me up, McKade woke me up because he thought he heard us talking to him in the middle of the night while he was going to the bathroom, and Mike gave a me a hearty slap on the back during the night, startling me into a wakened stupor and then apologized for doing it saying that he was thinking of something else!

I am anticipating one full night of sleep this weekend when I travel to get with my grad school friends!

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