Blog Enslavement

So being that I am new to this whole World of Blog, I think it only normal to fear becoming a slave to the process. I mean, what is expected of me? What are the ‘job’ requirements for doing this? Should I blog daily, every other day, should I take weekends off?…if I blog more than one time per day, will it be perceived that I have no life…If I don’t blog daily will people stop checking in to see what I’ve written..wait… is there anybody even reading this besides me?

Which brings me to my newly developed theory. This blog must be for me first and others later, and if anybody chooses to tune in and read up on what Tanzie has to say then it’s a just a bonus!

Oh yeah, and by the way, I’ve spent quite a few hours reading others’ blogs and I have always loved it when they start using this feature…I mean how cool is it that you can “accidentally” say something in your blog and then “take it back” but still share it with your reader(s)!! I LOVE THIS!! And so this particular webblog tool will not be spared by me!

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2 thoughts on “Blog Enslavement

  1. Regan says:

    It took me a long time to truly get to that place with my blog, but once it becomes about you and your needs from it, it’s definitely better. For awhile I was a comment whore. No more! LOL!

  2. Brett says:

    Hahaha, nice utilization of the strike-through’s

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