Missing 1 of 2

It’s Sunday night, and I only have 1 child in the house when I normally have 2.

You see, I agreed to let my oldest son, McKade (5), stay with Grandma and Grandpa from Saturday ’till Thursday when Mike, Rogan (almost 3) and I will drive down for the weekend. I just put Rogan to bed and I am now painfully aware of McKade’s absence. It’s a good thing though, I know it. The time away will be good for all. But it stings a wee bit as well. It’s tough thinking about him being a long 6 hour drive away and not being able to get to him if I change my mind he changes his mind and wants to come home. This is the first time we’ve done this and we can’t back out now. I just have to have trust in my in-laws and remind myself that this is all part and parcel of allowing and encouraging my children to grow up to be independent, strong and amazing men, not at all unlike my hubbin!

I now need to refocus not just on missing 1 of 2, but really enjoying the other 1of 2…


One thought on “Missing 1 of 2

  1. L Pombo says:

    Hey there!

    Love reading about my “baby cousin’s” babies!

    Tanzie, you’re an awesome Mommy! Don’t change a thing, especially your outspoken nature! The upside will be that your boys will marry “gals, just like the gal that married dear old Dad” and you’ll have two (so far) outspoken daughters-in-law to kvetch with! How fun!

    Give my love to all!

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