Putting Some Yellow Back in My Life

  • ¬I was lucky enough to get away for a day and a half to catch up with a very special group of friends.
  • There are currently 6 of us although, there was at one time seven of us, so E. if you are reading this, please know that you are still thought of, and we wish you well on your path.
  • ¬Anyway, we were celebrating a birthday, and planned the usual activities, including psychic readings.
  • ¬We have been doing this particular activity once a year for four years. We recognize the entertainment aspect of the readings, and yet I think in some way we each want to find a little nugget that we can embrace and believe whole-heartedly. I may have found two!
  • ¬This time with the girls is enriching, joyful, tearful, and all around wonderful. It is time spent with quality women talking, laughing, learning and sharing.
  • ¬In fact L. and I began discussing a topic that was tough to face, but also very necessary. The main gist of our conversation can be found here!!
  • I am so thankful for this group of women and I applaud them for being honest, self-effacing, and loyal.


One thought on “Putting Some Yellow Back in My Life

  1. Emily says:

    Girls I am here! I’m not sure why we parted but I think it’s time for a full reunion!! Hello….is anybody out there?????

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