The Age of (in)Convenience

I Have Forgotten How To Do The Simplest of Tasks

Our dishwasher has decided to stop working. And because of this, I need to wash the dishes by hand!! I know what you must be thinking…”Poor Tanzie, however will she cope with this tragedy?” “How will she manage this in addition to everything else she does?” “How will she manage her afternoon naps?” I know, I know!

But we are not ready to purchase a new dishwasher and I cannot bring myself to use more disposable products. So I found myself, with rubber-gloved hands washing the dishes!

Here’s the really sad part: I couldn’t figure out the logistics of hand washing the dishes!! Do I fill one sink with soapy water and rinse in the other…do I let the water RUN the whole time I am washing?…am I wasting water?…are these dishes getting really clean?…am I being too analytical AGAIN?…who will get sent home tonight on So You Think You Can Dance ?…oh wait…that’s my other big worry!

You’ll be happy to know that regardless of all the possibilities and various techniques, I finally found my way: And now there are a bunch of clean dishes air drying in our new dish rack: the broken dishwasher!!


2 thoughts on “The Age of (in)Convenience

  1. Crazy like a chicken says:

    Poor Tanzie!!! Our house didn’t have a dishwasher until this past November – so BLAH!!! I went from August of ’03 to November of ’07 having to wash EVERY SINGLE FREAKING item by hand. It’s time consuming, but not too bad. What the heck did our mothers and grandparents…and their parents ever do without these things that we now consider every day items – not they’re not considered luxuries anymore???

  2. outspokenandunderpaid says:

    I concur Ruth Ann…I remember washing dishes as a kid, and even into younger adulthood…and it wasn’t that big of a deal!! I guess I have gotten REALLY spoiled!

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