As Promised

“Mah Belly Says Errrr” & Other joyful words from the short people…

One evening around 6:30pm

Rogan: “Mommy, mah belly said errrr”.

Translation: Mom I’m hungry!

Conversation between me and Mack

Me: Honey we won’t be able to go swimming today because I’m sick.”

Mack: Well, then don’t be sick Mom!

Rogan’s first birthday

McKade woke up and was immediately ready for cake. Of course I had to break the news to him that there would not be any cake until much later in the day. When I picked McKade up from preschool later that day, I asked what he had eaten for snack, and in a very grumpy tone, McKade replies:

“Not cake!”

One day while eating lunch

McKade noticed something funny about his skin, I told him he had goosebumps, and five minutes later he informed me that he must be turning into a goose!

While McKade was climbing

I instinctively told him to be careful:

“It’s ok”, he said, “I have suction cup feet!”

One afternoon

Me: “McKade, what color play-doh do you want? We have red, green, yellow, and blue?”

McKade: “Purple!”

One day while climbing out of the car

Me: “Hurry up and get you booty out of the car?”

Rogan: Where mah booty Mommy?”

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One thought on “As Promised

  1. Crazy like a chicken says:

    I love the crazy stuff kids come up with!! One of my favorites when I was watching my neighbors boys……… the teenage mutant ninja turtles were all the rage, and the movie Pocahontis had just come out. One of the fast food joints had plastic characters from the movie (of course). Grant (who was 4 at the time) was playing with Pocahontis and making strange noises, like “Wah”, “Ya”, “pow pow”. I giggled and asked him what he was doing. In an oh so serious tone he replied, “I’m playing with Poca Ninja”. OMG!!!! It still cracks me up, and I’ll never forget it.

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