I Am So Hating Transformers

I never knew that a children’s toy could bring so much pain and suffering into my life.  McKade has developed a serious addiction to these ever-morphing objects, and by default Rogan has also developed an unhealthy attraction to them as well.  Of course, this seems all fine and dandy until I become the one faced with transforming these  bastards toys.

Not only do I spend 43.5% of my time twiddling the doors into arms and the roof into bullet proof armored side impact resistant legs, I also have to spend 52.5% mediating sibling warfare between the boys all because someone has someone else’s freaking transformer.  Let’s do the math:

43.5% + 52.5% = Too Much God-Damned Time Spent on Transformers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again and again…I don’t get paid enough money to do the job I do, let alone twiddle and fix transformers.  I am so wishing the toy fairy would come and take these things away.

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One thought on “I Am So Hating Transformers

  1. anne says:

    I LOVE transformers. I played with my brothers when he was little- he had one that turned into a casette tape! And my Mike still has all of his in a box in his mom’s basement. I will take transformers any day over Polly Pocket.

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