It’s Almost Time

The excitement is building.  McKade and I went school supply shopping while Mike and Rogan stayed home to install a water softener.  (This may make our dishwasher more functional, so yeah…no more hand washing dishes!!)

Anyway, there we were at the store, list in hand, and I started experiencing  more and more emotion.  I felt excited, scared, worried, insecure,  anxious…so many emotions.  My first born baby is going to school…without me…for an entire day!!  Full day kindergarten for McKade will be a great thing, I know it.  There are no doubts about his ability to handle it.  And I can too.  It’s just that every time I picture him standing there at the bus stop and enjoying a short ride to school, I then picture him stepping off the bus with no familiar faces and starting a life so very independent from Mom and Dad.

We have an ice cream social to attend on Monday night, and I suspect this event will put my his mind at ease.  It will be an opportunity to get a feel for the layout of the school, see his classroom, meet some friends, and meet his teacher.  I am so excited about this!!

Meanwhile, we found some fun school supplies, and of course his notebooks are covered in Spiderman!!  I can’t wait for my little boy to discover the joys of school.  He will soon be reading and discovering other worlds within the pages of his books.  I am eager to watch him grow and develop into an even more amazing young man.  This is such a special time for him and I will do all I can to support and encourage his academic endeavors!!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Almost Time

  1. anne says:

    Oh, that first day….I can’t wait to hear your stories. A tip? The very nice bus drive will definitely drop him off at the right house. So, don’t chase the bus, running down the street like a crazy woman, if they miss the house. Not that I know from experience or anything. What a big step for McKade and you!

  2. Kjirsten says:

    School supplies! Yay!! I wish I had an excuse to buy school supplies.

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