Look What I Did!!

We have this small area in our house that I have loved since we moved in but have never really known how to accentuate it’s cool concave shape. It’s in our front hallway off to the right as you come towards the living room. There is a small recessed light directly above it and a small shallow shelf built in. I knew that I wanted to display the kids’ artwork there, and that I also wanted the flexibility to change the pieces frequently, as our little artists are quite prolific! Originally we came up with a multiple wire system which would utilize small clips to hang the art…this somewhat complicated concept never happened.

The other day, it occurred to me that this area might work well if covered in magnetic paint. Which would also mean that I would have to shop for cute little magnets!! Well, here is the end result:

And here are just a few of the very cute magnets McKade helped me pick out:

And here is what some art looks like on the wall with the magnets:

The very dark gray of the magnetic paint provides a very classy background for any color schemed art the boys produce. I am looking forward to maintaining a dedicated area for the boys’ artwork…and I know their Auntie Doo will just LOVE this!! My only challenge is to figure out how to store and save the pieces that I take down…

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2 thoughts on “Look What I Did!!

  1. anne says:

    very cute! i have been trying to convince mike that i want to use chalkboard paint- good luck there, right? but my bud H down in Troy did a whole wall and it was so cool!

    anyways- good job!

  2. Regan says:


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