Food Austism?!?!?

Please know that my use of term “Autism” is in no way meant to offend…rather I use it to express the very strange eating habits of the little people, and the specific behaviors expressed regarding the intake of specific foods!

My husband Mike, whom I love dearly, has some serious food issues. Over the years he has made great strides, and can now eat foods that happen to be ‘mushy’ in texture. When he was much younger however, he puked at the Thanksgiving table because his Mom made him eat stuffing! I wish I had been a fly on that wall! Apparently the combination of textures within one food item can cause some strange results…like gagging and puking.

Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I am seeing some of the same behaviors in McKade.  McKade has puked after sampling lasagna and tortellini!  He has gagged after trying cheese, sweet potatoes, “dry” bread, mashed potatoes and eggs.  I have heard that food ‘issues’ might be hereditary, which for some reason is comforting…it kind of makes me feel like maybe it wasn’t something I did…or didn’t do!!

I have hope though, his willingness to try new food seems to be increasing, as is his father’s.

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2 thoughts on “Food Austism?!?!?

  1. Crazy like a chicken says:

    Are you SURE Mike isn’t just weird? I don’t know any other Nielsen that has texture issues……..although I don’t know about the Ward side. I have always thought my cousin’s food quirkiness was a little strange, but then again being the only boy, he was bound to be thought of as strange. 🙂 Did he ever tell you about his gym shoes that smelled so bad they made me gag and want to puke?? BOYS!!!

  2. outspokenandunderpaid says:

    Apparently the food weirdness can be traced back to some Ward family members as well!! So…you are indeed correct…the Nielsen side seems to be without the quirks…at least when it comes to food!!!!!!!!!!

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