Mrs. Llaneous Sweetness 1.0

So from time to time, sweet little things happen and I feel the need to take note…and share them! So from now on, a post entitled: Mrs. Llaneous Sweetness will appear!! I hope you derive as close to the same pleasure from reading as I do from experiencing.

♥ When I rub Rogan’s ear lobes, we both giggle uncontrollably!

♥ McKade woke himself up this morning and got dressed all by himself, without any input from an adult!

♥ When Rogan says the word Chihuahua, it sounds like “Chee-ah-wah-wah”, and that makes me giggle!!

♥ While putting Rogan to bed tonight, I held him so that he was in the ‘flying’ position…I told him to put his hands out in front, and he promptly reached behind!!

♥ I went to my first PTA meeting last night and was told by one of the other Moms (who happens to volunteer in the lunchroom) how well-mannered our McKade is..she also mentioned that she often has to remind McKade to actually EAT his lunch rather than chat the time away…sounds like our boy!!

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One thought on “Mrs. Llaneous Sweetness 1.0

  1. Regan says:

    Sweetness in momland!

    By the way, I finally figured out how to add you as a feed on my LJ. YAY!

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