The Stealth Poopy

Yet Another Confession From Yours Truly

Rogan woke in the middle of the night last night. I fumbled my way through to his room and upon entering, became aware of certain noxious scent. As I approached my boy, I also realized that he had become uncovered. So he was cold, he was crying and I thought I smelled…something.

I did the ‘booty grab test’ to ascertain the presence of a lump or two, fully expecting to discover the source of the aroma, and some of the tears. My keen sense of poopy detection failed.   I felt NOTHING!  More on that later.

The next morning, this morning, Mike brought Rogan in for some early cuddle time. And again with the odor. Although this time Mike said he had checked and found nothing. So at this point I’m racking my brain trying to remember what Rogan had eaten that had caused him so much intestinal distress and resulting flatulence. Must have been the vegetarian “chik nuggets”!! {The only reason I provide a link to these nuggets, is that we LOVE them…and I feel good about feeding them to the boyz!!}
So when I come downstairs and proceed to change his diaper, WHAT do my eyes behold?!?! But a lone turd! A single nugget! A solitary lump! An individual…you get the damn picture.

Ugh, foiled again by the stealth poopy! And with a smidgen of diaper rash…wait, why do we call it diaper rash, I mean let’s face it, the so called “rash” is a result of the pee and poo touching the skin for too damn long, not the actual diaper: UCK!!  As I was saying, with a smidgen of diaper rash we applied some *miracle ointment and, again I apologize to Rogan and promise to do better next time!

*By the way, early in McKade’s days, it seemed all he had to do was think about pooping and BAM! there was the diaper rash, we discovered Aquaphor…we still use it and it works almost overnight, I swear!!

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