I’m not sure what it is about the morning, but it seems like I’m always expecting it to run ‘relatively’ smoothly and it doesn’t.

For starters, I am always so HOT!!! in the morning. Not the “oh she’s so sexy in the morning kind of hot”. No, it’s the “I’ve got boob sweat and I haven’t even moved yet” kind of HOT!!!…Gross? I know, I know!! The kind of HOT!! that makes you check the thermostat expecting to see that some idiot turned it all the way up to “HOT AS HELL°“!! I’m cold in the evening and FREAKING HOT!!! in the morning. But WTF? I don’t understand. I readjust the thermostat, but I’m still HOT. And if you’re curious about my thyroid, it’s fine, but it’s HOT!!! too!

And when I add in anything strenuous the HOT just gets worse. It’s like I’m HOT, which stresses me out, and that makes me even more HOT and so on and so forth, it’s a STEAMY, HOT!! and vicious cycle.

So I woke up this morning, HOT, with a headache, the kind of ache that thumps, and increases with every move you make. Then, I found a big pile of dog puke, thanks for that Mazie!

Get this, my head was hurting so badly, that I put off cleaning up the puke until the 1,000,000mg of ibuprofen I took kicked in. I know, I know! I fully understand how gross this is too.

But, the carpet cleaner is in the basement, and I was on the second floor. It’s really heavy, the water tank is heavy and with all of this strenuous activity, I was convinced it was going to either make my head explode or cause me to OVERHEAT and melt. I mean how much more stained can the carpet get in 20 minutes? What if I would have slept longer and discovered it 20 minutes later anyway? But I guess the truth is, I was awake and I consciously ignored the puke! I know, I know!

So, back to the bumpy morning. I’m HOT!!!!! Did I mention how HOT!! I am? There’s puke, a headache, and the boys start fighting over TRANSFORMERS again and I’m still HOT!!! I questioned out loud: “Is there anything we can add to this morning to create even more stress for Mom?” And OMG, I thought, I just referred to myself in the third person. This must be the result of some DEVIL HEAT induced FEVER psychosis, because that is not something I normally do.

Now for the silver lining time:

Nothing else happened.

  • Mike left!
  • McKade hopped on the bus!
  • The house felt quiet and less chaotic.
  • The puke is being worked on.
  • I’m currently waiting for the “Magic Stain Remover” to do it’s thing.
  • It’s raining, and the temperatures outside are cooler than they have been in days.
  • The replacement dishwasher we purchased will be delivered this morning, fingers crossed and
  • Miraculously, I don’t feel as HOT as I did before.

Have a great Thursday!

P.S. The dishwasher guy just arrived…let the installation begin!

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3 thoughts on “HOT

  1. Kjirsten says:

    I get hot in the mornings too! I hate when I’m getting reading for work and trying to put my make up on and I’m sweating! It is such an uncomfortable feeling. I usually blame the humidity. When its really humid I have the hardest time getting coolled off.

  2. Kjirsten says:

    I know!! I feel the same way. I love reading about your day to day stuff.

  3. Regan says:

    But…are you HOT?!

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