Yes, I’m Really Gonna Go There

Politics has not really been a strong area for me, although I desperately want to be more in the know. And I’m realizing that I have something to say!   So…

…it is with trepidation that I write this post. I am fearful to appear ignorant, or uneducated, or just plain old stooopid. But I cannot deny what is happening around me, and to me. And at this point, I frankly don’t give a shit what others think of my political (or lack of) knowledge.

My interest in the current election is very high. There is a lot at stake this time around, not that there isn’t always a lot at stake for our country and our people. This has always been important stuff. But this time seems different.

But how in the hell do we shut out the “noise” and truly make a decision based on fact and not on what the “slanted media” or the “right wing fanatics” concoct.

Here’s my theory, which will be applied directly in November 2008:

I am essentially a one-issue voter when it comes to who I will support. I am extremely pro-choice and believe whole-heartedly that a woman’s right to choose is representative of an even bigger picture. If we support women and their right to choose then we are saying that we trust women to make decisions about their OWN bodies. And why the hell shouldn’t we? But please know that because I am pro-choice, this does not mean that I want women to have abortions. It simply means that each woman can choose for herself.

Abortion is a PERSONAL choice, but sexual education is a public responsibility. If we do not educate our youth appropriately and satisfactorily, then we will continue to contribute to the number of unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. In a perfect world, women could make informed decisions about safe sex and never have to worry about having to make the choice.

So, being a one-issue voter leads me to support the Democrats, hands down. Does that mean I think the other side does not make a fair argument? No. Does that mean I think McCain doesn’t have some valuable insight into national security? No. We are all, Democrats and Republicans, responsible for the mess our country is in. No one man or woman did this by him or herself. We, as the American public, are also to blame. We have been complacent, uninterested, confused, uninformed…blah blah blah. But it is our duty to dig through the crap to be able to make a decision about our country.

If I vote for Obama, which I will, McCain will not disappear into thin air. His insights and experience will still exist and he will still maintain his Senate responsibilities. I trust that he will continue to voice his opinion if he believes the president is making a a stupid decision. Just as I believe Congress and the Cabinet and the Advisers and the People will contribute to the governing of this country, as we all should!

Obama, when elected, will not save the country single-handedly, nor will he ruin this country single-handedly. We will help. Either way, we will help. We the people, need to wake the fuck up and do something…on the state level or on the national level. And if a vote for the next president is how you will choose to make your voice be heard, or to change the country, then damn it, VOTE!

Do not feel weak, or less than, or inferior because you might not know as much about the current political situation as the next guy. You can either learn more or remain unknowing.

But at least learn enough:

  • to pick a candidate,
  • feel strongly about your choice,
  • and remind yourself, that no man or woman governs alone.

We, the people can govern too. And we should!!!

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4 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Really Gonna Go There

  1. Kjirsten says:

    Amen sister!

    P.S. When I first read the title of this post it reminded me of a Dr. Oz episode of Oprah!

  2. Crazy like a chicken says:

    Nice post. I throughly enjoyed reading it – and agree whole heartedly…………..with all of it!

  3. Candice says:

    Nicely put.

    You make a lot of really great points and it occurred to me of late that I needed to do the same thing. Focus on what I believe in & try to sort out the rest.

    We are all responsible. We are not vistims. My motto is: If you bitch about you, you better be willing to do something to make it better or STFU! (ShutTheFuckUp!)


  4. ZEIDE says:

    Very eloquently put!

    BTW, have you read Michael Moore’s “DUDE, WHERE’S MY COUNTRY”?

    An interesting insight into our government and big business.

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