O’ My God, I Said It

“When I was Your Age…

…we didn’t even have this many channels to choose from, so just watch this show and be happy!”

Let me explain a little bit about these words that have fallen from my mouth. I’m still sick. In fact, we just got back from going to the doctor and he prescribed a 2 x day antibiotic. My face hurts so damn bad, it feels like it’s bruised. I’m coughing up and sneezing out the ugliest yellow and green crap ever, and it sounds like there’s a bowl of rice crispies in my lungs, you know with all the lovely snapping, crackling and popping going on in there.

And if you’re counting, this illness has last about 10 days and has only gotten worse! So I’m a little lot irritable. And McKade is home sick too. And all I want is for them to be good little boys and watch the damn TV. Is that so wrong…

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