Thank God For Spell Check: Update

Although today, I am wishing there was a spellcheck for everything! I am having such a tough time getting back into the swing of things since being sick and out of commission. We jumped right back in and began the weekend with Rogan’s birthday celebration, and now it’s Monday, no wait it’s Tuesday but it still feels like a Monday because I have so many things to do and things to think about. In fact I will list them now, with bullet points, in an attempt to help put it all in perspective:

  1. Laundry,
  2. More laundry,
  3. Take a shower,
  4. Run” to Elder Beerman to pick up coupon booklets for the Community Day fund raiser, I actually delegated this task to Alli, my committee co-chair!!,
  5. Stressing about the water damage in the basement…we ended up having to rip out a huge section of padding and carpet that was not drying,
  6. Continue to proof-read and edit a very stressful intervention style letter to be give to a family member…this is a whole other can of worms, one more section to add that will be emailed to me and then it is out of my hands!!!,
  7. Monitor Rogan for any additional signs of illness as he was dry-heaving this morning with an empty belly…so far so good, Rogan never got sick but he has a peculiar chicken pock looking mark on his forehead…hmmm….
  8. Laundry,
  9. Try to keep it all in perspective!!!!!!!!

Wow! I still don’t feel like it’s in perspective. Sometimes it’s like there’s so much going on and I feel too incompetent to deal with it all without snapping. I know the rigmarole. I know there’s only so much you can do in one day and I know I can’t save the world, or fix things by worrying about them…so why do I end up in situations where I do snap, and worry, and try to fix everything?!?!?!?

The reason I am loving spell check so much? Because I can’t even type an email without making major spelling errors…and I’m a good speller, I just know it!!! But I’m still not functioning with all my burners yet!!! So thank god for spell check!! I just wish I could use it in all the other areas of my life too!

Calgon take me away, but while I’m gone, make sure everything gets done so that I’m not all stressed out when I come back to another pile of laundry, a dirty house, and tired kids!!


One thought on “Thank God For Spell Check: Update

  1. Kjirsten says:

    That is a lot! I just wrote a similar post. I’m just going to get as much as I can done, and whatever doesn’t get done will still be there tomorrow or the next day.

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