Some Random Thoughts & A Possible New Career For Me

It’s Sunday morning, and much like any other morning, I pulled myself out of bed, fumbled my way downstairs and went back to sleep on the couch while Rogan watched some early morning tv!! (I bet you thought I was going to tell you how I made the coffee, fed the dog, did some laundry and made a huge Sunday morning breakfast didn’t you?)

I’m extra sleepy this morning as I actually spent some time hanging out with friends last night. It got later and later and by about midnight, I realized I was already hung over!! Ya’ see, we hosted a little open house last night for friends who have started their own business and I chose to indulge in a few adult beverages before the guests even arrived, thus, I had a hangover before even going to sleep!!

So anyway, I made a decision this morning. I am going to audition for a (any) part in the local production of The King and I! Here’s the back story:

I befriended this adorable young guy (Hi Brock!) who works at the local grocery story…it all began over a canned good and the threat of botulism, but I digress. Anyway, over the months we’ve chatted, learned each other’s names and indeed formed a nice little connection. I look for his adorable dark hair and eyes ( he’s the tall, dark and handsome type!!) every time we’re there.

Recently, Brock asked me if I had ever been on stage…and for a minute, if I hadn’t already known that I was not his type gender, I would have jumped to the conclusion that he was hitting on me. But obviously, he wasn’t and we proceeded to have a conversation about his involvement with the local Elco Theater. We had previously chatted about his appearance in several productions. But he was encouraging me to audition!! I was flattered!

Needless to say this has been something fun to think about and consider. And after a couple of back and forth emails with Brock, I have decided to do it! I have no real expectations so I can take it all in stride if they don’t want me. Wait, who am I kidding? I’m hoping this will be my big break and that I will be discovered for the raw talent that I truly am. In fact it’s about time somebody noticed what a rockin’ chick I am! Oops, did I really type that?

The auditions are Tuesday night! I’ll try to break a leg! Or maybe just sprain an ankle!

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One thought on “Some Random Thoughts & A Possible New Career For Me

  1. Kjirsten says:

    Yay! That is so awesome! I’m so excited that you are putting yourself out there and going for it. How fun! I bet just the act of auditioning will be a neat experience.

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