Cheers! Here’s to 10 Years!! (and counting!!!)

I just want to take a moment to congratulate a couple of friends on their TEN year wedding anniversary…you know who you are!!

You see, watching a couple last this long and still wanting to be married and renewing their wedding vows seems like a HUGE accomplishment to me. My parents were desperately NOT in love anymore at this point in their 11 year union. They had gone through a series of unfortunate marriage-killing situations. They tried to make it work, “for the sake of the children”…but it didn’t work. It couldn’t have worked. So they divorced.

There have also been several other divorces in my family, so observing a happy marriage brings me great joy. It gives me hope, particularly for my own marriage. (Which is doing quite well by the way!! We celebrate a decade together in 2009!)

I congratulate Mike and Anne, yes I breached anonymity, on their 10 year marriage. I am proud of them, as peers, for making it, and doing it well! I remember their wedding well. And looking at the pictures of them renewing their vows brought great joy and tears of happiness.

So in keeping with Kasey Kasem and his ever popular long distance song dedications, here’s to Mike and Anne!! You made it!!

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3 thoughts on “Cheers! Here’s to 10 Years!! (and counting!!!)

  1. anne says:

    oh…..thank you. i’m blushing a bit. and how cool that you remember that this was one of our songs??? thank you!

  2. Crazy like a chicken says:

    Such a sweet post to remember your friends!! BUT, really, Kasey Kasem? I think that should be put into the, “you know you’re old when” list!! 🙂

  3. outspokenandunderpaid says:

    Hey Ruth…If the old shoe still fits, WEAR IT!!!! Obviously, your acknowledgment of Kasey dates you just as much as me!

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