Nostalgiac Fridays

This particular day of the week consistently seems to throw me into an odd emotional place.  I am excited, anxious, hopeful, and relieved.  Ever since McKade started preschool, that old familiar Friday feeling has come flooding back.

When I was a kid, a teenager mostly, Fridays held such potential.  Potential for fun, camaraderie, adventure, and maybe even a little messing around, if you know what I mean!!  I can’t seem to shake that old, familiar sense of anicipation that something FUN!! will happen soon…maybe on Friday night, maybe on Saturday night, the possibilities seemed endless.

Well, maybe back then in the teenage years, they were more ‘endless’.  But now, reality often bites my fun Friday anticipation in the ass.  On Friday nights, I end up reminding myself that I will be working out the following morning, and “partying” seems less doable.  Hell, drinking more than one beer seems less doable.  So, we typically rent a movie and have Mexican dips and chips for dinner.

Then Saturday rolls around and once I take care of my obligatory exercise, I feel invigorated and ready for fun.  However, Mike is usually knee-deep in some household project and the rigors of child rearing slowly wear me down.  And by Saturday night, another movie, carry-out pizza, and maybe one extra beer become the protocol.

Sundays almost always bring that “back to school tomorrow” feeling, which tends to cast a bit of gray on the day.  I will admit that discovering football  (and the mass amount of crap football food I get to eat) seems to have added a new and fun dimension to the “holy” day!!  (Like it was ever holy to me!)

But, don’t me wrong.  I enjoy my workouts on Saturday morning and I don’t really feel like I’m giving up anything major on Friday nights to avoid the Saturday morning day hangover.  I enjoy rearing my boys, despite sometimes wanting to kick ’em in their rears, and let’s face it, if I’m really in the mood for some messing around, my amazing husband is a sure thing!


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