I feel lazy and slothful for admitting this but, sometimes I feel like I am just waiting for the next moment when I can sit down and not attend to the needs of others, drink a cup of coffee and eat a bonbon…even if it’s only been 10 minutes since I woke up!

It’s been a little busier lately and I can feel the effects on my brain. Like this morning, as soon as I woke up, I took a quick inventory of things to come, beginning with figuring out what day of the week it was, because I already knew it wasn’t Friday!!

On Wednesdays, I teach Silver Sneakers, and try to get in my own workout before, which means getting to the gym by about 9:15. So I think backwards from there: What do I need to get done before we leave? Well, the dog needs let out, and fed, and given her medication, I need to make coffee, find the bonbons, change Rogan’s diaper, get breakfast for Rogan, wake up McKade, yell at McKade, get McKade’s breakfast while “loudly calling” to him to hurry it up, get through breakfast and get Mack out the door, give Rogan a bath, put away 435 baskets of clean folded laundry…and I HATE putting laundry away!, pick up a bit around my now messy house, and all the while trying to figure out when I can just sit down again for a cup of coffee, and a bonbon. But, as I write this, don’t think the contradiction isn’t perfectly clear to me either: It can’t be that bad if I can find the time to write another post!! What can I say? I suppose it always seems a little worse than it really is! And isn’t there a bit of literary license I’m granted access to since I have a blog now?!?!?

This coming weekend will be a respite. I am traveling to Indianapolis for a wedding and some bonding time with several of my grad school friends. In fact, the woman getting married is the daughter of one of my friends. I don’t get the chance to spend much time with this great group of women, so I plan on enjoying it fully!! And two of us are staying at Kjirsten’s house, so I know she’s there stressing about the cleaning she needs to get done before we come to her house. That sucks!!

Oh my!! I just realized!! I had wanted to give a shout out to Lindsay, another grad school chum, for the birth of her daughter Eleanor! Sorry I took so long to publicly congratulate you Linds!! I am so happy for you and Kev and I wish you all the best.

So anyway, now that I have confessed that I have the tendencies of a lazy bum, I feel a little more motivated to get things done. Yeah right, where’s my coffee and bonbons?

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2 thoughts on “I WANT MY BONBONS!!

  1. Kjirsten says:

    No worries. The fact is, there will be some mess. I need to accept that it is ok if my accomodations are not what we’re used to for these get togethers and not stress over it too much.

  2. outspokenandunderpaid says:

    Good for you girl!! Let’s face it, our Mary set the bar HIGH!!!

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