I’ve Got Some Dirt!!!

Literally!! Here are a few shots of our McKade truly enjoying what boys like, no not that, this:

So here’s the story: Rogan and I were bike riding one day when we rode past a house with one 16″ X 16″ paver on display along with a sign that said they had about 116 more of them and they were $1.00 each. Normally this would have meant nothing to me as I do not often shop for pavers while riding bikes with Rogan.

But, several days before this discovery, Mike and I had been discussing the idea of putting in a fire pit (thanks a lot Scott D.)!! We discussed the various options for said pyromaniacal projects and determined that a patio area with a built-in pit would be the best…in another couple of years.

Cut to the bike ride and my discovery of these pavers. I snapped off a few shots, with my trusty camera/phone, and planned to call Mike as soon as I got home. I didn’t even make it in the door before Mike called, all interested in the pictures…actually I think he thought hoped I was sending him “nudey” shots, but was nonetheless pleased to hear and see my great find.

I called the woman selling the pavers and she agreed to let the lot of them go for $90.00…a deal even better than I originally had found. Then, several weeks later, Mike discovered the exact same pavers for $4.65 each!! Yeee-Haw!! We got us a deal!!

So Mike tore in to the planning phase and about 693 Auto Cad drawings later, my engineer/jewelry designer/babies’ daddy/landscaper had created us a patio!! And the digging commenced!! And McKade romped!! And the pit is now absent of dirt and awaiting the delivery of 4 freaking tons of crushed stone and 1 1/2 tons of paver sand!! Sounds expensive, I know, but trust me, rock is cheap!!

Have you ever “shopped” for crushed stone and paver sand? Yeah, well don’t! It sucks!  It took me about 9 calls before I found someone selling “crushed stone paver base”!!

So I’ll post more pictures when the fire-pit-patio is complete! By the way, have I ever mentioned how handy my husband is?!?!? Seriously, he’s awesome!


3 thoughts on “I’ve Got Some Dirt!!!

  1. Kjirsten says:

    I’m jealous. I don’t want to embarrass my husband by saying just how unhandy he is. He means well though, and compensates with other skills!

  2. outspokenandunderpaid says:

    Ooooooo….other skills, we all know what that means!!

  3. Candice says:

    I can’t wait to see the transformation. I knew Mike was handy but I am really impressed. We also talked about putting some kind of fire pit out back with the chimnea, maybe we’ll consult with Mike first…

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