The Magic is Gone

The discovery of the workings of a toilet and other disappointing revelations.

So I got chatting with a friend of mine yesterday all about how I now know more about the internal workings of my son’s elementary school than I could have ever imagined.

I was naive, to say the least, prior to taking on a position on the PTA. And suddenly I’m reminded of what it felt like when I learned that underneath our toilets, there is just a hole in the floor. Seriously!

In our first house, Mike redid ALL 3 of our bathrooms. But the first time was definitely the hardest for me. After draining all of the toilet water, and removing the tank, he pulled the commode from the floor only to reveal a fucking hole in the floor. I don’t know what it was I expected to see, but a hole just wasn’t it. I think I had myself convinced that toilet fairies took care of the dirty work. But a hole in the floor?!?!? Suddenly, images of old fashioned latrines and outhouses came to me and I realized the connection between the past and the present was still very strong.

But the magic was gone. I now know the harsh reality of the toilet. And now I also know the harsh reality of our schools. I can no longer wonder around dreamily, believing that our poop simply disappears into la-la land, or that everyone who works at a school is thrilled to be there and loves their job.

I suppose this is all part of growing up. The people, the ideals, and the institutions we once put on pedestals, are now being knocked to the ground. Damn, do I sound cynical or what?

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One thought on “The Magic is Gone

  1. Candice says:

    This made me laugh outloud & I think I most definitely would’ve had the exact same response re: the toilet. The school thing, not so much but I know what you mean.

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