Overshadowing vs. Foreshadowing*

If I don’t hurry up and post something more about last weekend, this coming weekend will overshadow it…and in a big way. If you all remember correctly, this is the weekend that G. and I visit Twitch in Chicago to watch him and a few friends of his dance the night away.

Oh no!! While I was typing, my brain actually shifted and now I can only focus on the things to come, I can only focus on Twitch. I really did mean to blog more on the time spent with good friends and the happy occasion of the wedding I attended, and the cuteness of the new baby Eleanor we got to visit, and the trifecta of pugs who are happily living with Kjirsten and her hubby. But alas, my brain is full of Twitch !

*Sidenote: This is freaking hysterical!!


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