The Geek Squad Rocks!!!

Alright everybody…since beginning this blog and even before, I started to realize that I am indeed addicted to all things Internet. I love email, I love blogs, I love on-line games, I love surfing the web…you get the picture.

Last night something horrible happened. I had just finished making love to working on my computer and all seemed fine. As I passed the den I noticed a strange creamy color on the monitor. WTF? I quickly “executed” (this is me trying to sound technical and intelligent) some basic maneuvers that typically would fix all problems: Control-Alt-Delete; turning off and on, turning off and on again, and then again just for good measure. I unplugged and plugged cables and cords back in. Shit, I even unplugged and replugged every other appliance in the house just for good measure! Nothing worked!

After getting a hold of my traveling husband, (hence the Poll), he offered two possible solutions: the monitor is finally shot or the video card is fried…I know enough to have rooted for monitor failure.

I borrowed an old, spare monitor from Gina this morning, and learned the terrible, awful, horrible news: it was not the monitor! Mike had also suggested trying to borrow another video card from someone…which wouldn’t have worked anyway, and I’ll get into that later. Whatever! I made a unilateral decision to take the tower to Best Buy!! They diagnose for free and I figured I could fumble my way through whatever fix they suggested. Yeah right!

Turns out there aren’t too many video cards compatible with our old, rickety computer!! And after three installation attempts, we finally found one that worked…and of course it cost the most. But I learned a lot in the process and that is invaluable. What did I learn, you ask?

I learned that:

  1. I love the Geek Squad at Best Buy,
  2. Video cards are sensitive little fuckers and don’t get along with every operating system,
  3. I know much less about computers than I thought,
  4. Taking digital pictures of the various cables and where they connect before I disconnected them, was a really good idea,
  5. I cannot survive without my internet connection!

Go Geek Squad!!

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