Flu Shot Frenzy Follow-Up

All in all it was a success. 3 out of my 4 family members are now vaccinated against…something. McKade did not cry when he got his flu shot but he cried when I got mine! And Rogan cried for about 4.7 seconds until I reminded him that he had a piece of Starburst stuck in his teeth. Which provides me with the segue way to our appointments for today: we get to go to the dentist!

Tanzie’s Tips for Successful Flu Shots:

  • Gum and/or candy bribes,
  • A trip to McDonald’s immediately following the flu shot…I think it took their minds off the pain at the injection sight AND the boys were given a free ice cream cone coupon for getting their shots,
  • Martyr yourself: get your own shot…and let them watch!! Those little sadists will derive great pleasure when they see you in pain too!
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