Yes Sir, Right Away Sir!

Trick or Treat Part II

Rogan actually agreed to dress up this year. You see last year, the best we could do was to get Ro into an orange tee-shirt with a pumpkin face on the front. “Army Guy” seemed appealing this year and so I forced encouraged him to follow through.

In all honesty, my day was spent listening to this little 3 year old crazy person say things like, “I don’t like Halloween”, followed by, “Maybe I do like Halloween” and “I want candy RIGHT NOW Mommy” and “I don’t want to go trick or treating” and “Maybe I do want to go trick or treating” and “I don’t want to be a [sic] army guy” as well as “Mmmm, maybe I do want to be a army guy”. As I’m sure you can imagine, I was feeling frighteningly frazzled by the time we got this one out the door.

I did his make-up and helped him with his costume, as Mike was still busy assisting Mack’s transformation into the evil vampire. Mike took the boys out while I handed out candy at the house.

Upon their, return, Ro was feeling pretty worn out. Mack still had a fire in his belly for even more candy, so Mike took him to a few more houses and Rogan sat with me while we passed out the final bits and pieces of the season. At one point, I told Rogan how proud I was that he had dressed up this year. Here’s his response: “I don’t want to dress up!”, “Rogan”, I said, “You already are dressed up”, then I pointed out his pants and his chest plate, and his make-up. “Did you forget you were already dressed up Rogan?” “Yes”, he said, “I forgot!”


2 thoughts on “Yes Sir, Right Away Sir!

  1. Crazy like a chicken says:

    OMG – priceless – “Yes, I forgot” I was dressed up for Halloween!! Love the Army costume.

  2. outspokenandunderpaid says:

    This kid would forget his head if it wasn’t…you know the rest!

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