Yes We Can

I feel proud to be an American today. Twenty eight years ago my mother and father brought us to this country so that we could become better people and have the opportunities they feel they did not have in Scotland.

I truly believe my parents chose wisely. My sister and I have sought opportunities that have contributed to our betterment in this country. We are both happy, well-adjusted immigrants who have made a home for ourselves in this amazing country.

There have been occasions, in the past, when I felt a sense of disappointment at the choices we have made as a country. But yesterday, (my mother’s birthday) the Americans who elected Barack Obama, did something wonderful. We recognized the need for change and we embraced it. We heard of the promise of hope and the promise of change. That assurance of a better way came in the form of the first African American man to be elected to the highest position of government in our country.

I am beaming with pride. Mr. Obama is the quintessential definition of opportunity. He has just begun to show us how we can be better and do better. I trust that he will lead by example, as he has done so already. And I believe that we, as a united America, can learn to be better people.

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