Mindless Consumerism

The boys are in the process of requesting demanding to have one of EVERYTHING they see on TV right now. I just overheard Rogan telling Daddy, “I want that!”…then Mike yelled through to me, “It was a commercial for a blood glucose meter!”


3 thoughts on “Mindless Consumerism

  1. anne says:

    UGH. This is what we went through last Fall with Abby, and how we ended up with Squawkers McGaw, the Squawking Talking Parrot. Good Luck. They do out grow it- promise.

  2. Tanzie says:

    I do hope you are not implying that we should get Rogan a blood glucose meter!

  3. Deb says:

    Don’t you just LOVE how the toy commercials SPIKE this time of year, as well as the “toy catalog” from every major big box store out there!!

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