Just What the Doctor Ordered

OK, so I haven’t posted anything this week besides a request to get people to donate $$ to Mack’s school via http://www.searchandgive.com (that was another shameless plug by the way). The main reason for my literary absence?  I’m just waiting for my antidepressants to kick in!

Seriously, that’s not really true. I just haven’t had much to say. But today I do. I was recently reading another blog and the author asked readers to share something silly that we are thankful for. And my response:

Uncontrollable, side-splitting, face-hurting laughter!

And last night I was lucky enough to have engaged in a hearty round of what we are now calling, “Shirt Toss”!! Here’s how it works: I grab 4 shirts from Mack’s laundry basket, each one of our little family is given a shirt to begin, and we just start tossing, throwing and aiming to “hit” someone else. The beauty of the activity in family fun, is that since we are using shirts, no one gets hurt.   The impact is soft! But the laughter that ensues is “uncontrollable, side-splitting, face-hurting laughter”.

It turns out Mack had a rough day at school yesterday.  There seems to be some social pressure as well as some rude behavior from one kid directed at my kid.  (Does he know who he’s messing with?)  So when I arrived home from working out, I could hear McKade crying.  Mike was having a little talk with him about what was going on and I heard just enough to determine that this one particular child seems to be a bit on the mean side and is particularly insensitive to McKade.  Mike and I gave some good advice (we hope) and after the discussion, McKade turned to me and asked if we could have some fun tonight, because he was “feeling like he needed to have some fun”.

Our rowdy bout of Shirt Toss was just what he needed.  When we went upstairs for bedtime, McKade said, “Mom, I had a great time tonight with you and Dad, and Rogan!”


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4 thoughts on “Just What the Doctor Ordered

  1. Erin says:

    That is so sweet you guys had some fun for your boy. I’m glad motherhood comes in stages. I’m so not ready for someone to pick on my little girl!

  2. Deb says:

    Sweet lil fella!! I’ll help you kick some mean boy a!!!!
    Love your game – must try it!!!

  3. outspokenandunderpaid says:

    If this mean kid knew what kind of posse Mack has backing him up, he might think twice about messin’ with him!

    Deb: Let me know if you guys try the game at your house!

  4. Kate W. says:

    I was wondering what your laughing was all about. That is too funny! Take Deb up on her offer to kick a!!!- she is small and quiet, but I have seen her in action. teeheehee

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