Monday’s Manifest on Tuesday

So here I am and quite frankly I am not in the mood to write. But since I stated yesterday that I would do this today, here goes nothing. Besides that, I’m basically just making a list of my random thoughts. How hard can it be?

  1. So we have a borrowed monitor now allowing me to regain access to my beloved Internet.
  2. We have enough snow on the ground to warrant my use of four-wheel drive.
  3. And since four-wheel drive is the main reason we bought this truck, I’m feeling like we’re finally putting the gas guzzler to good use!
  4. Rogan is playing happily on the floor behind me.
  5. His little conversation with imaginary people is really cute.
  6. Thanksgiving is fast-approaching and I am getting more and more excited to see my family.
  7. Bakugan (and of course blood glucose meters) seem to be the hot Christmas commodity for my boys and I am having a really hard time finding them!
  8. Last year, it was Optimus Prime!
  9. Thursday is our 9th wedding anniversary!
  10. Sadly we have agreed to do nothing as money is tight and the holidays are fast approaching!
  11. I can’t seem to find jeans that fit well.
  12. It seems I’m between sizes, which causes some pairs to feel too big and some to feel too small.
  13. My sister who lives in Portland, Oregon is in Chicago for training and there is no chance for me to see her…and that sucks!
  14. I feel sleepy and lazy today!
  15. Can I nap now?
  16. The boys and I played outside in the snow yesterday and had a great time!
  17. But I really need some decent snow pants so that I can escape the equivalent of brain freeze on my ankles!
  18. I’m done!
  19. Damn, I love random lists!

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