Pre-Thanksgiving Monday Manifest

In honor of the coming holiday I will attempt to ‘give thanks’ for everything I put on my list today!

  1. I am thankful that over the weekend Mike and I were able to get a lot accomplished in the house.
  2. I am content that the newly “epoxied” floor in the basement looks decent!
  3. I am pleased that the boys were very well behaved despite receiving little attention from their parents.
  4. I am rejoicing today because I now have a special place in the basement to set up my craft center which will allow me to also leave my sewing machine out at all times instead of having to lug it out every time I want to sew…which defeated the purpose of having a sewing machine at your beck and call.
  5. I am grateful for run-on sentences.
  6. I am blessed to also have been able to set up a better basement play area for the boys.
  7. I express gratitude for the freedom to have gone searching, by myself, for jeans that fit despite not being able to find any!
  8. I am satisfied with the peppermint cafe mocha I sampled at Starbucks…it felt like an appropriate way to usher in the season!
  9. I am gleeful at the prospect of spending some quality time with family later this week.
  10. I am relieved that we don’t have to do the driving!
  11. I am appreciative that I finally found one pet store that carries both the cat and dog food that we buy!
  12. I love that this list can be random and that I can abruptly end it when I want!
  13. And I now I happily say Syonara Suckers!!

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