Post Thanksgiving Monday Manifest

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve written here!

  1. Thanksgiving went well.
  2. We prepared what seemed like an unGodly amount of potatoes, and somehow we managed to do them justice with one container of left over!
  3. Everybody seems to have hopped on to the prepping for Christmas band wagon and for some reason, in this house we tend to wait a week before going to the next holiday. Yay!
  4. McKade is sick and has been since Saturday.
  5. So I was unable to teach my new Silver Sneakers class this morning.
  6. Oh yeah, I’m starting to teach a second class now…this one is a little more high impact, but not by much!
  7. I did find a couple of cool gifts online today and managed to get free shipping!  Yee ha!
  8. Oh, and I am suggesting that my sister get this and that for the boys!!  How cool are those toys?!?!?
  9. As I grow older I realize that I am unable to completely escape some of the issues that affected me as a child.
  10. And that my level of self-esteem ebbs and flows in different types of situations.
  11. Friendships, wait scratch that, GOOD friendships are hard work, but well worth it.
  12. Mike is traveling again this week.
  13. I am hoping beyond hope that I can avoid any major domestic catastrophes.
  14. I had enough of those the last time he traveled.
  15. He’s going to Memphis and will be attending a Christmas party.
  16. I want to go too!
  17. Goodbye!

2 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving Monday Manifest

  1. Kate W. says:

    My kids LOVE Hyperdash! Both games can be found at Costco as a set for $29.99.

  2. outspokenandunderpaid says:

    Yay…that’s encouraging!

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