Monday Manifest

  1. My kid, my oldest kid, offered to help clear the table tonight after dinner. Did you hear me? I said McKade offered to help clear the dinner dishes!! Without being asked! I know! Huge moment in our house! I seriously had tears in my eyes!
  2. We put up our Christmas decorations this past weekend! And I stayed out of Mike’s way while he did the tree, and that was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time!
  3. My meds seem to be working really well. I had almost no PMS symptoms and in general I feel like a happy me again! (Celexa is often used to combat PMS symptoms, not just symptoms of depression.)
  4. I had to go the doctor on Friday because of my asthma. It was so bad I ended up needing a breathing treatment. I haven’t had one of those in a very long time!) I’m on the upswing for sure now!!
  5. Rogan has woken up twice in a row without having soaked through his nighttime diaper! For a while there I thought I was going to have to wrap his lower half in a zip lock!
  6. Mu Mum called me today and I could just hear the smile on her face and in her heart! She is really excited about the holidays and the time we will be spending together! And I am too!
  7. My husband voluntarily rubbed my feet last night! And my feet stink! He wasn’t even angling for a b.j.!!
  8. He also prepped the coffee maker for the morning!! And still no request for a b.j.!! I know I know! He’s a good guy!
  9. I successfully taught a new Silver Sneakers class today. The timing is good and I love that I will be earning just a wee bit more money!
  10. Facebook is INSANE! I came upon an ex-ex-ex-ex girlfriend of my Dad’s, who is 20 years younger than him and we are now entering in to a cyber discussion of what she recalls from that time…almost 20 years ago!

5 thoughts on “Monday Manifest

  1. Kjirsten says:

    Nice holiday layout.

  2. Regan says:

    Do I know who you’re talking about, because I suspect I do. If it’s her, I always really liked her.

    Yay for cool family time!

  3. Tanzie says:

    The particular ex I am speaking of, her name begins with a “T”…is this who you thought?

  4. anne says:

    he’s storing up those dude points for something….maybe not a bj, but something more fantastic? is there anything more fantastic for a guy?

  5. Erin says:

    Hilarious. Husbands are kinda all the same aren’t they?

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