Monday Manifest…Countdown to Christmas Edition

  1. 10 more days until Christmas, however we begin our travel this coming Saturday,
  2. We’ll be gone for one week, visiting Mike’s family in Kentucky and my family in Cincinnati,
  3. We’re not finished shopping yet, but strangely enough, we’re out of cash, how does that happen?,
  4. I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time with my sister and Greg (who used to be my brother-in-law but now he isn’t…that’s another blog),
  5. It’s really freaking cold here today: -5 with the wind chill!,
  6. Mike had to travel to the U.P. today and tomorrow, could they have picked a better time to send my hubbin to almost Canada?!?!?,
  7. From where I sit at the computer I can see my bird feeders, they are empty and I feel guilty for not having filled them in ages,
  8. I am reading 19 Minutes, so far it’s holding my attention quite well,
  9. I haven’t felt really motivated to blog lately, but at some point soon I’d like to research information about zoos and discuss whether they are a blessing or a curse,
  10. I cut my own hair last week…I literally took a pair of scissors and hacked into it, it turned out quite well!,
  11. Rogan and I are going to McKade’s class twice this week, once on Tuesday to help build a gingerbread house, YUM, and then on Friday for the Christmas party…I’m doing the game(s) for his class!!,
  12. Rogan’s ready for lunch, gotta go!!

2 thoughts on “Monday Manifest…Countdown to Christmas Edition

  1. Regan says:

    “who used to be my brother-in-law but now he isn’t…that’s another blog” ???

    It was AWESOME to hear your voice! OMG!!!

  2. outspokenandunderpaid says:

    It was awesome to hear your voice too!!
    So I followed up on #4 in the next post!!

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