Has This Happened To You?

How is it that children can be given a plethora of presents and yet the very next day they claim they are bored?
I’ve got the boys at the table doing any and every new artsy fartsy thing I can think of.  Yesterday was play-doh, today it’s painting with water and those cool “crayola color wonder no mess” items.

Anyway I’m going to Bodypump tonight and I can hardly wait.  I absolutely love this class!  It’s weight lifting, low weight at higher reps, great music and it’s a really good workout.  I have to share a funny story though.

About two weeks ago, I was getting reading to leave class and a small line of fellow bodypumpers had formed at the door.  Most of us were carrying multiple props, a step, several risers, and a large foam mat and the fact that only one door was open had caused a delay in our exit plan!

Well, during the class I had felt that familiar urge to…um, shall we say,  fart? toot? pass gas?, however you call it, I needed to do it.  But I didn’t.  I held it in, because let’s face it,  public flatulence is one of the more embarrassing acts!

So there I am at the door, equipment in hand, people in front and behind, and I sneezed…and farted…simultaneously!  I know, I know!  For me, it is next to impossible to contain a toot while releasing a sneeze, or even just a hearty giggle.  It’s just too much excess internal pressure for one girl to manage.   I quickly said excuse me, after someone graciously ‘blessed me’, and then made a hasty exit.

I’ve been back once since then and did not encounter any backlash as a result of my faux pas.  I’m only human, and I know I’m not the only one it has ever happened too!!  Check this out!!  Right around the 11th second mark…I think she then even tried to cover it up with a cough!!


5 thoughts on “Has This Happened To You?

  1. Regan says:

    All the bending, stretching, moving…who doesn’t work out a fart from time to time when working out?! LOL!

  2. anne says:

    too funny!

    and we love farting in public.

  3. Kjirsten says:

    Too funny, all I had to read was the second paragraph and I knew what was coming. We have all been there. I think they play that loud music during workouts for a reason.

  4. Tanzie says:

    Thanks for the support ladies!

  5. Lindsay says:

    I loved this post. I smiled the whole time while reading it. There is nothing funnier than a fart. Nothing.

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