Things That Could Happen To Our Little McKade

Let me preface this by saying, I love McKade with all my heart.  He is my first-born and I happen to think he is a really cool kid.   In no way shape or form do I write this to be mean on hateful, I’m simply finding the joy in his quirks…and hoping to share a little laughter.


McKade could:

  • miss the bus while standing at the bus stop,
  • wet his pants, while standing in the bathroom,
  • starve while sitting in front of food,


  • feel bored while surrounded by toys,
  • freeze although warmer clothes are only inches away,
  • hack in to the Fort Knox of websites while just playing Sonic online,
  • make a huge mess while getting clean,
  • sit naked in his room for hours despite needing to get ready for school,
  • sing intricate, multiple verses of a made-up song rather than wash his hands,
  • play with his wet hair in the mirror for hours and never even notice that it has dried!


Simply stated, McKade is simply brilliant.  He has a zest for life that reminds me to slow down and appreciate the moments we are lucky enough to have.  His youthful spirit is full of curiosity and wonder.  He has the ability to lose focus and yet maintain a level of concentration so intense, a brain surgeon might look on in admiration.

And I just love him!



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