…it just seems like i can’t get on track with my…

Monday Manifest!

Here it is Tuesday night and I’m barely motivated to pull together some thoughts.  But because I have a desire to continue to write with some regularity, I’m going to push out this post with some feigned sense of commitment!

  1. It is cold!  Colder than the deepest darkest corner of a walk-in freezer located in the northern-most section of the Antarctic, yes I exaggerate, but just a bit,
  2. Just ordered some 2009 McKade and Rogan calendars for family members from Shutterfly…by waiting until January, I saved 30% on 3 out of 4 of them AND FREE shipping…hmmm, I wonder how much more I could save by waiting until June…by the way, you can adjust the start date of the calendars…mine will start Feb. 1st rather than the old January standard,
  3. Mike just came and modeled some army green cargo pants for me, he thinks they make his ass look sexy, and I concur!,
  4. I am so thrilled the new season of 24 started….Keifer is HOT!,
  5. Yeah for American Idol too, however, if I had to choose a “reality-ish” type show to be stranded on a desert island with, I’d have to go with “So You Think You Can Dance”!!,
  6. Today I called the preschool where Rogan will start in the fall, it gave me pause!,
  7. I’d like to become a better blogger…I feel like I say/speak some pretty funny shit but then it doesn’t seem to translate over into the writing…hmmm, perhaps this is a goal for me…,
  8. Of course, I may think what I say is funny, others may not share the view,
  9. I continue to be blown away by reconnecting with people on Facebook,
  10. I’m cooking some Edamame, and I have every intention of sitting down with a big bowl and a beer while watching idiots “sing” their way into shame and embarassment!!! (American Idol starts tonight!)

‘Till we meet again!


2 thoughts on “…it just seems like i can’t get on track with my…

  1. Emily says:

    #10. I, too, just had some edamame, and now I am having some beer.
    #7 I have the same goal….yesterday I hit an all time low and blogged about paper towels….

  2. outspokenandunderpaid says:

    YUM…beer and edamame!!!
    And I like your paper towel post…hey, at least you posted something!!

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