Goldilocks is a Stupid Bitch

Are you kidding me? I re-read this so-called “classic” to Rogan tonight, and perhaps over the years I have grown more cynical, but damn that is one stupid, bold bitch.

I mean come on, do we really want to read stories to our children giving them ideas on breaking and entering? Not to mention the fact that this clueless bimbo stays a while after her initial trespass. She eats their food, she destroys their furniture, and then she fucking goes to sleep there.

That dumb cunt is lucky she only woke up to bears and not some cracked-out, hopped-up, strung-out, skid-row reject, or worse, a pedophile.


2 thoughts on “Goldilocks is a Stupid Bitch

  1. anne says:

    You used the C You Next Tuesday word. Bad girl.

    Thank goodness you have boys and don’t have to read Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty or any of the other stories that teach our girls that they need to be rescued by a handsome prince, get married, and live happily ever after. It’s apparently the ONLY path to Happy.

  2. outspokenandunderpaid says:

    Yes, I did indeed use the “C” word. I tend to reserve it for extra special times. This was one of those times!

    You know, if I had girls, I would have to think seriously about the traditional fairy tales…I might perhaps go shopping for a more, um, contemporary twist on the old “classics”!!

    I’ve given Santa and the Easter bunny second thoughts also!

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