Gettin’ Bloggy With It!

Yo Yo Yo!!!

I’m back and I’m ready! Still not 100%…but I’m steady.

I’m not puking, and I am eating, I guess my sickness, it was just fleeting!!

So, the state of my union ain’t nuthin’ but good.  I’ll tell you all about it, as you knew I would!

No more rhymes though!!

  • You didn’t know I could rap did you?!?!?
  • We’re planning McKade’s 6th birthday party…I know!!  Can you even believe it?  6 years old!  Amazing.
  • We’re anticipating the BIG V for Mike on the 27th of this month.  We’ve definitely had some serious thoughts on the issue, but it’s time.
  • We are both so happy with our two boys and neither one of us feels like we have it in us for any more children.  The bottom line for me is this: before getting preggers with both of my boys, I craved getting pregnant. I felt almost obsessed with it. (But not the Nadya Suleman kind of obsessed!!) I have not had a repeat of that kind or craving since then,  and I believe the older I get, and the more independent the boys become, the less the chances are that I would ever have that kind of desire again.  We feel good about our decision.
  • I’m in the throes of making some travel plans to visit my sister in Portland this August.  I need to do some searching with frequent flyer miles to see what kind of deal I can find.  My Mum can fly out of Cincinnati for just over $200!!  But I’m sure as hell not driving all the way there to save a couple hundred on my ticket!  This will be my 3rd trip out to see her there!
  • I’m considering shorter hair again!!  And since my Mum will be here for McKade’s birthday, I’ll be able to get it done then!
  • I love getting a tax refund!!!  Can I get a “What, What!!”

Can’t think of much else to say right now….I’ll keep trying to get bloggy with it!


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