“Mommy Pees in a Cup”

Yes indeed.  This was said by Rogan just the other day after he accompanied me to the doctor’s office to confirm the continuation of a bladder infection.

This damn infection has withstood one round of antibiotics and so the doctor prescribed a 3 x a day for 7 days regimen.  Hopefully this large dose will finally take care of the marathon infection!

So apparently Mommy peeing in a cup was impactful enough to discuss  later that day when Daddy got home from work.  Let’s hope that memory doesn’t resurface again.  Like when we are standing in line at the grocery store.


One thought on ““Mommy Pees in a Cup”

  1. Crazy like a chicken says:

    Bladder infections are great fun huh? Just think of the lovely yeast infection that might be awaiting you after you’re done taking all those antibiotics!! Such fun being a woman, isn’t it?

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