Snip Snip

The die is cast and the reproductive chapter in our lives has come to a definitive end.

Mike had his vas deferens severed today, which in layman’s terms means he got snipped.  As I type this, he is in a Valium/ Vicodin induced slumber.  Poor guy started feeling some pain about an hour after we got home from the doctor’s office.  He said it felt like he got thumped in the ‘nards.

My husband approached this day and this decision really well.  In fact I would say that he was the one who spearheaded (no pun intended) the trek into his own sterility.  I look forward to stopping the birth control pill, and saving $35.00 a month,  although I will admit that it has been very easy for me.  The pill did exactly what it needed for me when I needed it.  I had relatively few side effects over the years and was able to address those sufficiently enough with a switch to another type of pill.

Right when we got home today, Mike asked me how I was feeling.  I joked and told him that I had changed my mind and that we should run upstairs and get pregnant.  But really, I’m good with this decision.  I liken it to when you are in a relationship which you know is over and when the break-up actually occurs, there are pangs of sadness and loss.  It’s the same for me with this, not that Mike and I are breaking up.  What I mean is, we knew we were done having kids, but now we’ve made it physical.  Whereas before it was more or less emotional.

I am proud and grateful to be married to a man who has taken responsibility for our reproductive choices.  Today he demonstrated yet another reason, among so very many, why he is the one for me.


2 thoughts on “Snip Snip

  1. anne says:

    hope those nards heal fast, mr. tanzie.

  2. outspokenandunderpaid says:

    I’ll pass that on!!

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