Damn Fundraisers

  • We paid $5.00 for a $10.00 off coupon valid TODAY ONLY at Elder Beerman,
  • The 5 bucks went to the PTA, for yet another fund raiser we are doing,  so I guess that makes it OK,
  • I think this is the 786th fund raiser this week year so far,
  • So Mike headed over there for a little “away from home time”, as he is feeling stir crazy and trapped. (Of course the overly tight jock strap isn’t helping much.),
  • He has to wear the strap as he heals from the “V”,
  • So Mike’s intention was to find himself some new shoes, but of course the coupon could not be used on any of the 5 pairs they had in stock.  Yes, that’s right, 5 pairs!,
  • He calls and asks if there’s anything I need.  He was in the athletic department and began mentioning a few pairs of work out pants,
  • Despite the $10.00 coupon, the pants he found were still going to run at least $25.00, which means these damn pants were around $40.00 to start with.  What?  Forty dollar work-out pants?  Are you freaking kidding me?  I sweat in those bitches!  It’s not like I’d wear them to a job interview!,
  • So I say no thank you, but then tried to rack my brain to figure out something else we could buy.  Wait.  This is wrong on so many levels,
  • I remembered that I was wanting a new water bottle, you know one of the new stainless steel ones…so I suggest that and luckily Mike tracks one down…AND it is only $10.00!!  BINGO!!  Coupon spent!,
  • Except, Mike has no cash and he is faced with using our debit card for the measly 60 cents to cover the tax…
  • So then we start bantering about investing in a new down-alternative comforter…apparently they had some on sale…
  • Suddenly I realize we are seriously considering spending about $60 or $70 just so Mike can avoid paying 60 cents tax on our debit card.
  • HUH?
  • This is not a good plan,
  • Spending $ does not = saving $,
  • The above mentioned all took place while we were on the phone.
  • Damn fund raisers!

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