• rogan up all night with terrible diarrhea
  • every hour on the hour
  • i will not fix any typois today
  • suyck it
  • anne’s jam tastes good mixed in oatmeal
  • ro’s ass is raw and he cries a lot
  • i’m really fucking tired
  • and gladd Mike got the vasectomy
  • this up all night shit is for the birds
  • rogan opuked peaniut butt and jelly on his floor
  • it stained
  • badly
  • i got shit to do today
  • like clean the damn carpet
  • pedialyte tastes like crap
  • why would a kid drink that shit
  • i’m freezing it into a little popsiv\cle
  • maybe I can convince rogan it’s a treat
  • even though Mike is a great husband there are times he makes decisions I can’t help but question
  • I’ll blog more about that in anbother entry
  • the blame game, it’s worth blogging about
  • Damn, this oatmeal with ANne’s jam tastes good…thanks Anne!
  • every time i hear a gurgle noise, I’m afraid it’s Rogans’ ass explding again
  • or puke

5 thoughts on “grumpy

  1. Regan says:

    Holy assplosion, batman! Yeesh!

  2. anne says:

    oh poor Rogan!

    And poor you.

    Sucks. All of it.

    Hope he has a better night tonight.

  3. Kate W. says:

    Ditto what Anne said…

    Oh and how did YOU get Anne’s jam??!! I wanted to go back for another scone just to put that jam on it! Becareful, it’s like crack!

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