Unexpected Outcome

Tonight the boys started another extracurricular activity.  Rogan is doing his second round of gymnastics and McKade is giving Tap/Jazz a try.   See, Mack thinks he can already tap dance as well as those Happy Feet penguins, and so I thought it would be interesting to see if he has a real interest in it…and of course, to see if perhaps this is his calling!!

Anyway, the boys did well and seemed to really enjoy their classes.  In fact McKade said he loved it so much that he wants to go back every single day.  We’ll see how that goes next week.

But the most interesting part of the evening happened while McKade was sitting over to the side waiting for his class to start while Rogan and I were participating in gymnastics.  The dance teacher, whom McKade had not yet met, asked him if he wanted to go and dance.  McKade politely said “No thanks” and then looked around nervously, no doubt he was looking for me.  I was approaching as this was happening and overheard the exchange between McKade and Miss Camie.

As soon as I got to McKade I quickly introduced him to his teacher and told him that it was OK for him to go with her to start his class.  But then, I praised the crap out of him for having the guts to say no to a stranger who asked him to go and dance.  My very vulnerable and innocent 6 year old had the chutzpah to say no to a stranger.

And isn’t that the very thing we hope for above all else.

McKade, you go boy!!


One thought on “Unexpected Outcome

  1. Regan says:

    Kick ass! All around!

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