You May NOT Return To My Uterus

I’m pretty sure that my 3 y.o. has lost his ability to play by himself.  He begged, pleaded, persisted and stopped just short of threatening my life if I did not play with him today.  Had he been given the chance to return to his place of origin, that boy would have gladly made himself at home back in my uterus.

There is no doubt in my mind that multiple sick days with much TV and computer time has contributed to his lack of independence.  And sadly, the only reason I am able to type this without interruption, is because I finally gave in and let him watch some TV.

I exaggerrate not…this boy said my name every 5 – 7 minutes today.  “Look at this Mom”, “See what I found Mom”, “You pretend to be Optimus Prime Mom”,  “Mom, do you want some juice?”, “Here mom, I made you some [pretend] chocolate milk in my kitchen!”

And me…how did I handle this today?  I indulged him a bit!  But it just so happens I was interested in doing bizarre things today, like cleaning out my closet, and organizing a box for Goodwill donations.

Am I a bad Mom for wanting him to play by himself?  How and where do we draw the line between interacting with children and accomplishing some adult activities?

It’s only 1:25pm.  What will the rest of the day bring?


One thought on “You May NOT Return To My Uterus

  1. Sarah says:

    That just gives me cramps. Just the thought of it, ouch.

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