Damn It, Damn It, Damn It, Shit, Shit, Shit

This is McKade’s first year of school.  He’s in  Kindergarten and I think that is a pretty special thing.

And this is why I am kicking myself for screwing up the school pictures.  Not once, but TWICE!  Twice damn it!

McKade was sick the day they did class pictures last fall…This was out of my control, there was nothing I could do about it.  But then I went and screwed up the picture retakes by forgetting to request them.

Some time in February I learned there would be “Spring” pictures taken and of course I thought all would be well.  But here’s what happened:

I have a relatively strong belief that kids should wear their “nicer” clothes for school pictures.  And they especially should NOT be wearing their favorite cartoon character/superhero/race car/sports team t-shirt for picture day.  But I allow insist that McKade choose his own outfits for school.  I learned early on that fighting over his wardrobe was NOT a battle I wanted to have everyday.

As a direct result, McKade has become the “layering king”.  He often wears a t-shirt, and a long-sleeve shirt, and sometimes a sweatshirt.  Now granted this does produce a lot of extra laundry for me, but my oldest son has learned to take responsibility for this part of his day and that seems like a fair trade-off.  Until…the spring pictures came home showing my son in his favorite transformer t-shirt.

Damn It, Damn It, Damn It!!  Shit, Shit, Shit!!


4 thoughts on “Damn It, Damn It, Damn It, Shit, Shit, Shit

  1. thats too funny cause my daughter is 10 and she does the layering thing too. i wonder if that is the new thing. i also insist on letting her experiment with her own outfits as long as they are age appropriate, i think it gives them a sense of identity. Also i stopped doing the school photo thing, lifetouch was too expensive for all that i need to order so a friend of the family did it and i got them printed at target and they are amazing! Food for thought.

  2. Colleen says:

    I have a feeling you won’t let this happen again. My husband wore a Mork from Ork shirt on picture day when he was about 9 or so. He said his mother was not happy. I asked, “Well, can you blame her???”

    I allow my girls to pick their own clothes (mismatched usually) pretty much every day. I gave up that battle a couple of years ago. First daughter was more easy going until younger sister cared about her clothes at age 2!I put my foot down on picture day, though. Picture day is always Mommy’s choice. I always buy a new shirt or sweater for the picture so they’re usually excited to wear something new. I just have to be aware of any changes in favorite color or it will be a fight. This year the fight was “accessories”. Rachel had about 4 of her favorite (gawdy) beaded necklaces on and I told her I really wanted to be able to see the new pretty shirt and that maybe she could put the necklaces back on after the picture. I suppose the joke could be on me if she decided to put them on before the picture. At least with our spring pics, you get to decide after seeing them if you want to buy them. Are yours the same way?

  3. Too funny yes!!! The accessories are crazy this year with the kids. The newest thing we had to get was the “prewrap” for her hair. Thank goodness for uniforms at school or it would drive me nuts with the back and forth of outfits. she is pretty good though on what she knows i will disapprove of and will not.

  4. Colleen says:

    Prewrap? Is that some type of headband? We just got Rachel’s spring pics back and PRAISE THE LORD, no necklaces. The surprise was a group shot they did of her whole class. My friend’s son had his mouth wide open like he was yelling something. Hilarious. Especially since it wasn’t my kid!

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