One of Many Lists

I have so many lists going right now and I keep putting them in different places and starting new and not finishing the old ones and so on and so forth!   Here’s just one more to add to the collection.

  • I’m really sleepy today…Mike went into work at 1am-ish which woke me up, I went back to sleep then I woke up again and could not get back to sleep around 3am-ish,  (did that make any sense?!?!?)
  • Rogan and I went to the mall today…I was in need to new inserts for my slippers…yes slippers,
  • A while back my doctor told me I had Plantar Fasciitis and that I am no longer allowed to walk around the house barefoot and that sucks,
  • So I invested in decent slippers and even more decent orthotics, which helps but costs as much as a decent pair of shoes,
  • I’ve decided that Plantar Fasciitis is the Stay-At-Home-Mom disease!!,
  • I am in the middle of 5 loads of laundry,
  • Why is it that when McKade says something to me, and I hear everything but the last word, and then I repeat everything but the last word back to him + the word “what” at the end, he then repeats the entire sentence again instead of just the last word?,
  • We have 3 home improvement projects going on in the house:
  • Painting walls in the living room and office,
  • Mike is re-caulking the master shower,
  • And Mike is continuing to work on the patio area in the backyard,
  • I feel a little obsessed about facebook and the information it provides about people we would not normally know anything about short of what was left in the past with the last contact we had,
  • Tonight I will be going to Bodypump,
  • Last Saturday I attended a training for Silver Sneakers Yogastretch, it’s a class I will begin teaching at my gym in addition to the other two classes I currently teach,
  • I freaked out on Friday…I realized I had not yet started my period, and I’m ON THE PILL, which means there is a predictability to that time of the month, and I was not on my “normal” schedule,
  • I actually took a test which was negative, and then started the next day,
  • That little scare put everything in perspective:  I am done!!  I do not want anymore children,
  • OK I think I’m done rambling!!

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