1. Mike leaves tonight to travel until late Tuesday night, which really isn’t that long but the Sunday night departure really does a number on me.
  2. Rogan has been peeing in the potty daily…he’s still in diapers and peeing there too but this is a huge success in our lives.
  3. The boys just woke Mike up with volume, I was trying to let him sleep in a little.  I don’t feel bad, he’s going out of town, and did I mention he’s leaving on a Sunday night?
  4. I made a couple of watches and donated them to a silent auction for the Elkhart Mental Health Association.  (I didn’t actually “make” the watches, I made cute bands for watch faces that I buy!)

    I didn't make this one, but mine are similar!!

    I didn't make this one, but mine are similar!!

  5. Just finished reading The Secret Life of Bees and it was really good.  I would recommend it!
  6. No sign of Mike, maybe he just got up to pee and went back to bed!…Oh there is he is!
  7. Be right back…NEED COFFEE!!
  8. Before I mention #8 here, I’ll preface it by saying that Rogan still sleeps in his crib.  He’s a roller, a mover and a shaker…so we’ve been hesitant to move him to a big boy bed.  Besides that, McKade slept in a crib until he was 3+ as well, so this is typical for our boys.  Anyway, the crib Ro is in convertible and today we removing the front portion so that he can now climb in and out by himself!!  Yeah!
  9. I’m very curious to know how many “adult-children” experience relatively serious conflict with their parents.  Specifically how many adult women experience difficulty with their fathers and how that has manifested itself in their other intimate relationships.  I don’t doubt for one minute that the partners I have chosen over the years were directly influenced by deep seeded issues with my Dad.
  10. An unlucky bird built their nest in the kids’ swing set, right in the little clubhouse area.  Of course we thought it best to move it both for the safety of the boys and the welfare of the baby birds.  There were no eggs in the nest yet, I begged Mike to move the nest into a nearby tree in the hopes that the bird will go along with the new digs!  I know, this is not realistic!
  11. Mmmmmm, good coffee!
  12. Rogan just gave me a really big tight hug and he said his cousin Christopher taught him how to give a really “hard hug”.  Remind me to call and thank Christopher for teaching this wonderful hug technique!
  13. Mike finished working on the benches he’s been building for several weeks months??!!  They look great!

    New play equipment for the boys!!

    New play equipment for the boys!!

  14. My tribute to I can has Cheezburger:

    I iz in yoor drawer, cuddling wif yoor offiss suplies!

    I iz in yoor drawer, cuddling wif yoor offiss suplies!


4 thoughts on “Listless

  1. Regan says:

    Great list!

    On #9, you know mine isn’t much with my dad but totally with my mom, and yes, I suspect it affects relationships with females in my life.

  2. Tanzie says:

    That is a realm I hadn’t even ventured into but it is indeed another viable and very interesting area to explore further…

  3. anne says:

    Your hubbin did a great job on those benches!

  4. Tanzie says:

    He worked really hard…in my opinion, he did way more than he needed to, but then that seems to be his thing…can you say “overachiever”?

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