Vasectomy Leads to Sexual Freedom

Not yet!!

Mike has to get re-tested again.  They found swimmers in his first sample.  What does this mean you ask?

  1. It means there are still some live ones in his system and we didn’t do enough to clean him out…if you know what I mean…or,
  2. They botched the procedure and poor Mike will have to undergo additional efforts to stop his swimmers from…well…swimming…or,
  3. My Mike is so damn VIRILE that his reproductive juices cannot be stopped from flowing forth from his loins!!

I’m betting on #1!!


4 thoughts on “Vasectomy Leads to Sexual Freedom

  1. Kate W. says:

    THAT is why you go back for the check!!!! Good for Mike! or… good for you to hound Mike until he went back and got checked!

  2. anne says:

    So glad you guys did the check. You better bet Reed will be checked and rechecked a million times. We’re aiming for his visit to the V doc in October.

  3. Colleen says:

    PSA here! Get checked and re-checked and checked again. I have a friend whose third child was born 2.5 years POST vasectomy! And no, there was no infidelity, just no re-check!

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